Monday, November 9, 2015

Private Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Lessons In Philadelphia, Clinics And Teacher Trainings Worldwide.

One of the greatest misconceptions of yoga is that it is meant purely for fitness. The actual purpose of yoga is for healing both mind and body and, yes, in the process one can become very fit. I, Allen Barkus,  the publisher of the Travelore Report, was introduced to yoga in 1998 and became a teacher in 2004. My exclusive teacher since 2004 years is Manju Jois, whom along with his father introduced traditional
Ashtanga yoga healing therapy to the U.S. in 1975. While Ashtanga has become known for being the most
difficult physical practice to master, more senior teachers focus on the healing aspects of the practice. In one
case I helped a 31 year old man lose 70 pounds in 8 months, along with also healing a serious breathing problem and a back problem; all with just yoga and no other life changes. From a healing perspective I've also worked with others including those recovering from cancer and others types of surgeries, with people including a child with arthritis and with a woman whom had emphysema. On the fitness side I've worked with athletes at the University of Pennsylvania, a baseball player, and people training for events including marathons. I also teach teachers.

On my world travels I've many times been asked about doing yoga healing clinics for hotels, resorts, and cruise lines and  am now scheduling clinics and wellness programs. I am also consulting with properties on creating wellness programs as profit centers and how to market those programs, utilizing my many successful years of experience in the advertising and marketing business.

 My philosophy is to focus on the individual needs of my students rather than on size fits all, teaching Mysore style, guiding them on developing a personal practice suited to their healing and physical needs. I think it is also important to note that healing includes emotional.

For more details you are welcome to contact me at or at I am now co-founder of Fifth Avenue Yoga in  New York.

Appreciating positive feedback from my recent Ashtanga Yoga Healing Therapy Clinic in Philadelphia's Main Line attended by people ranging in ages from 20's through 70's, with all body types and different physical issues. Most of the people attending had no yoga experience and a few were very experienced including a woman whom has been practicing and teaching for 30 years. 

"Dear Allen,
Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic yoga session you taught and led yesterday. You were wonderful the way you explained everything fully and were patient and receptive to novices (like ME!!).
Everyone felt so terrific after the class. I was totally energized--even after I stood on my feet cooking for 3 1/2 hours!!
Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!!
Best Always,

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