Friday, March 4, 2016

My Personal Philosophy, Inspired By #Ashtanga Yoga: Keep Moving Forward. #KeepMovingForward

My name is Allen Barkus. I am the publisher of the Travelore Report, owner of the Ted Barkus Company (one of the leading independent ad agencies in the U.S.), a well respected Ashtanga yoga teacher in Philadelphia (www.AshtangabyAllen.Com and AshtangabyAllen.Blogspot.Com ), co-founder of Fifth Avenue Yoga in New York ( active in volunteer work and mentoring others; I am often asked about my personal philosophy. My philosophy is to Keep Moving Forward, always continuing to take the physical and or emotional next step. In my personal experience if we continue to move forward and do positive things in our lives, good things happen. Please share your experiences, what works for you? I am available for private yoga lessons in Philadelphia and for clinics.

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