Saturday, March 18, 2017

Yoga, Politics, And Mind Manipulation #Yoga

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Pattabhi Jois* was once asked (Paraphrasing).."With all the horrible things going on in the world, how are we to continue living our lives?" His answer (Also paraphrasing) was "We elect politicians to take care of those things and you should just focus on your anus/self " I mostly agree with that
philosophy but from growing up in the marketing world I also recognize how voters and even the
politicians we elect can be manipulated with bad/misleading information and the constant repeating
of outright lies to the point of convincing people that they are true.

Most everyone remembers "Weapons of Mass Destruction", the primary reason the United States and
some our our allies entered into a Middle East war.   Now we know that information was fabricated with some entities appearing to greatly profit from war, discounting the loss of life and destruction of property and trust.

In our most recent U.S. presidential election the winner (Donald Trump) was outright lying 85%** of the time  versus 35%** from the looser (Hillary Clinton), yet through a form of mind manipulation a good portion of the voters were convinced that She was the one less truthful.

As yogis I believe we have a responsibility to look inside ourselves to find the truth; looking beyond
politics religion and alternative facts to peacefully unify the world. We are one.

  *Pattabhi Jois was the originator of the modern Ashtanga Yoga practice. **Estimates.

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