Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New York's Newest Yoga Studio, Fifth Avenue Yoga, Is Now Open. Www.FifthAvenueYoga.Com #Yoga #YogaInNewYork

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Welcome to
Fifth Avenue Yoga

New York's newest studio is a collaboration between Yoga Works trained Hannah Han and Allen Barkus (yes me). The teaching philosophy of Fifth Avenue Yoga is based on traditional Ashtanga Yoga. We focus on healing and fitness for mind and body, adapting to each student's needs. For now classes are focusing on vinyasa flow, incorporating the 8 limbs of yoga.

 I will will be teaching special workshops/trainings, along with Hannah Han,
on Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Healing Therapy. I teach the traditional practice as taught by Manju Jois, whom brought Ashtanga Yoga to America along with his father in 1975. Since 2004 he has been
my exclusive teacher for advanced studies into the intermediate, second series. I've taught this practice to all types of people including athletes, obese (one person lost 70 lbs in 8 months), breast cancer patients (and recovering), people recovering from surgeries and injuries, children and even a woman
who had emphysema.


.Asta=Eight  Anga=Limbs  Yoga=Union
"The Eight Limbs of Yoga"
The author of the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali, described yoga as eight limbs of a tree: Yama, ethical disciplines; Niyama, self observation; Asana, posture; Pranayama, breath control, sense withdraw; Dharma, meditation; and Samadi, a state of joy and peace. Therefore possibly one of the greatest misconceptions of yoga is that it is a purely physical practice.

For more details and class schedule please visit: fifthavenueyoga.com 310-310 0862

312 Fifth Ave, 5th Fl, 10001 (5th Ave & 32nd St)

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