Monday, October 17, 2016

Donald Trump And His Potential Attack On Our Personal Freedoms #PersonalFreedoms, #Yoga, #Healing,#Unity

For me yoga represents the highest level of personal freedoms, accepting of all, and about the potential of what we can achieve on a individual and community level. The most disturbing thing to me about the popularity of Donald Trump is the schism# of his supporters that  expose anti semitism and Islamophobia. In the yoga community I expect many of you have also encountered those who even consider yoga to be evil, not from God or Jesus. In my perspective Jesus probably knew about yoga from spice traders there is even the possibility that he traveled to Southern India via a Roman merchant ship.

In my everyday life as a modern Jewish man I have encountered anti semitism and Islamophobia including a neighbor questioning how many 'Jews' were killed in the holocaust, not how many others were killed, and people telling me how all Muslims are evil. Until now I had no idea how popular some of these ideas were.

My concern is the potential for our personal freedoms to be under attack including religious freedoms and women's rights.

Since I know this blog is being read and shared around the world, I welcome all perspectives.

#Of course I do not believe all Trump supporters share the negative beliefs I have identified.

Now that Donald Trump is the United States President I encourage everyone to dedicate their healing
practices and positive energy to healing and unity.